Hi I am a graduate student at the University of Houston. My current research focus is using a holographic model to understand QCD dynamics especially the QCD phase diagram. My ultimate interest is in the quantum description of gravity. I am also interested in the philosophical ideas behind quantum physics and it's various interpretations. Apart from research I believe as scientists and especially as physicists we should also work towards transforming academia into a source of inspiration for people to draw from.

About the picture: I went for a shoot and paint experience in Houston and at the end of the session we were asked to write anything on the wall. My boyfriend (also a physicist) realised that there are no equations on the wall so I wrote the action for for gravity.



I am the president of Women In Physics Society at University of Houston. At WiPS we help build connections amongst women in STEM. I believe myself to be an advocate for women's rights in STEM and call myself a STEMinist. I am involved in various outreach initiatives which you can have a look here.


Everything Everywhere All at Once

When I am not doing Physics you can find me create content on social media. I am a social media content creator where I make content using numerous things that I am passionate about such as travel, literature, fitness, fashion, and of course physics. I also cohost a podcast with my boyfriend where we discuss topics like, science, physics, philosophy, psychology, society, culture and a lot more. We invite numerous guests from various different backgrounds who enlighten us (along with our listeners) with their view of the Universe.

About the picture: This blackboard picture you see was taken by me when I was doing my postgraduation from Durham University. This picture was taken in the mathematics lounge amidst a discussion over lunch.