May we all become the people that inspired us as kids

Empowering Women in STEM

I believe myself to be an advocate for women's rights in STEM and call myself a STEMinist. As a STEMinist I actively focus on bringing women from different parts of the world meet, and initiate an open dialogue on how to make those tables available for women where they are not invited. I believe that women with their unique understanding of the world and unbeatable perseverance can give a whole new direction to the world of science and technology. About the picture: this picture was taken on the Research Day 2024 where Women in Physics Society presented a poster about our aims and mission.

Pint of Science

Pint of Science is an annual science festival that aims to communicate contemporary scientific developments to the public by bringing scientists to pubs, caf├ęs and other public places to share their research and findings. I am part of the organizing comittee for Pint of Science in Houston. We brought the event back in the US after the pandemic.

    Beyond Portals

    I Co-founded Beyond Portals, to promote and popularize research in fundamental sciences. We also support minorities in STEM and provide them with a platform to learn, grow and guide them to pursue a career in fields they are passionate about. According to my experiences I strongly feel that the education system of the world needs a major fix and that is what keeps me motivated towards building a community of people sharing revolutionay ideas and are equally passionate and willing to collectively build a platform that has the potential to transform education, academics, research as well as industry across the globe. We organize public talks, workshops and seminars online as well as offline. Our members are actively working on tapping into areas like social media, e-schooling etc. and are constantly coming up with new ideas and approaches to efficiently propagate our ideas.

      Science Communication

      I'm fervently dedicated to science communication and democratizing access to research. As a physicist, I recognize the paramount significance of conveying scientific concepts to the general public, fostering the growth of an intellectually vibrant society. I am steadfastly engaged in disseminating knowledge through diverse channels, striving to make it accessible to all.

      Here are a few public talks given by me over the years.
    • Open Problems in Theoretical Physics, Amity University, India.
    • On the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, Christ University, India.
    • Gravitational Waves and Blackholes, Beyond Portals Head Quarters, India.
    • General Relativity and its impact of Physics, Virtual
    • If you would like to invite me for a Physics talk, write to me at physics@prachigarella.com.